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Light steel villa building is good, how is the comfort of living

I do not know if you have noticed that there is more and more information about the construction of light steel villas, and the style is very beautiful, which is very attractive for many people who have the pursuit of quality of life, especially young people.

However, for those who are willing to or are preparing to build light steel villas, they must not only stare at those exquisite appearance effects, but also cannot blindly pursue low prices, and should focus their main attention on the real understanding of light steel villas, knowing the shortcomings of light steel villas, and making choices.


The safety and comfort of light steel villa is indeed higher than that of ordinary buildings

Many farmers have concerns about the safety and comfort of light steel villas, after all, compared with ordinary building structures, the building structure of light steel villas looks obviously "thin", but the fact is not what it looks like.

First of all, in terms of safety, the keel of light steel villa is composed of hot-dip galvanized steel strip by cold rolling technology, after accurate calculation, and other accessories combined into a similar "iron cage" shape, it can be said that the overall structure of the house is stronger and safer than the ordinary building structure. In addition, the light steel villa has a light weight, so it is relatively good in seismic performance.

Secondly, in terms of living comfort, because the walls of the light steel villa are thinner, compared with the houses under the ordinary building structure, the actual indoor living area is increased, and the activity space of personnel is more sufficient. Moreover, because the use of concrete and brick tiles is avoided, the internal walls of the house are less prone to return to moisture, and the living comfort is stronger.


What are the characteristics of light steel villa

First, to understand the light steel villa's own characteristics. At present, most of the light steel villas on the market are based on two or three floors, and the light steel villa in order to reflect the appearance of fashion, but also at least two floors can be built, otherwise, a layer of light steel structure looks more like a factory warehouse, its appearance advantage will be completely lost.

Second, to understand the investment price of light steel villa. In addition, if you build a two-storey light steel villa, each floor area is set to 100 square meters, and the installation price per square meter is calculated by 200-300 US dollars, the overall construction cost needs to be about 20,000 US dollars.

Based on the above circumstances, if farmers only intend to build a one-storey house, that is, bungalows, then it is still recommended that farmers give up light steel structure, choose ordinary building structure to build houses, after all, in the case of the beautiful advantages of light steel structure can not be reflected, while the cost is relatively high, or the use of ordinary building structure is more cost-effective. However, if you plan to build more than two floors of buildings, while the budget is sufficient, it is still recommended to build light steel villas.

In terms of price, farmers must avoid blindly pursuing low prices, to know that "a penny a penny" at any time is an iron law, otherwise it is easy to be greedy and cheap, suffer big losses. At present, the mainstream price of light steel villas on the market is about $300 per square meter, and this price does not include decoration.


Service hotline

Address:806 South Tower, Zhongheng Building, Chang 'an District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province